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Dirt Roads

Moose River Recreation Area: Host of the "Black Fly Challenge"

Location: BetweenInlet & IndianLake

Distance:Over 40 miles of dirt roads & 30 miles of marked trails

Difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate with some expert

Description:This is mountain biker heaven. Getting into the plains there is rolling dirt road hills some with a moderate grade and others steep. You can ride your bike in or you can drive your car out to the center of the area were it is much flatter. There are 140 campsites with trail near by all of them.

Uncas Road

Location:Inlet to Raquette Lake

Distance: 10 miles one way


Description:Fairly flat dirt road until you get to Upper Pond at that point there is a big hill climb getting to Raquette Lake. There is a secondary flat route by taking the Old Dump Road into Raquette Lake.

Sagamore Road

Location: Raquette Lake
Distance: 4 miles one way
Difficulity: Intermediate
Description: Rolling dirt road

Endion Road

Location: Intersects with Rte. 30 North of Long Lake on the left side of the highway just north of the Kickerville Road
Distance: 2 miles
Difficulty: Beginner
Description: The Endion Road is a winding paved road. There are no major hills on this road and traffic is relatively light. In the fall it is an exceptionally pleasing ride as the trees actually provide a partial canopy in places.

Kickerville Road

Distance: 3 miles
Difficulty: Beginner
Description: This is another paved town highway, which provides a very easy ride with only very minor changes in elevation and provides a very colorful ride in the fall.

North Point Rd.

Location: 3.2 mi. southwest of the Long Lake Town Hall just off Rte. 28N/30.
Distance: 11 miles one way
Difficulty: Beginner
Description: On your way, don't miss Buttermilk Falls. Camping is allowed on State land bordering this road. Forked Lake State Campsite is on the road to the right off North Point Rd.

Buttermilk Falls

Location: The entrance to the falls is on the right side of the North Point Road, 2.1 miles from the intersection with Rte. 28N/30.  
Description: A short walk to the falls is fine for all ages. There is a 2.5-mile canoe carry around the falls.

Forked Lake Road

Location: North point Rd. Long Lake
Difficulty: Beginner
Description: The Forked Lake Road is a nice place to ride. This area is great for all ages and provides much opportunity to see wildlife without having to go on rough trails.

Sabattis Road

Location: 6 mi. northwest from the Long Lake Town Hall on Rte. 30
Distance: 12 miles
Description: You can ride to the end of the road where there are abandoned railroad tracks, which were part of the Adirondack Railway that ran from Utica to Lake Placid. For a shorter ride you can take the part of Sabattis Rd. that loops back to Rte. 30. There is no bike trail here. You must use the highway.

Santanoni Great Camp

Location: Newcomb Lake Road. Access to this trail is on the North Side of Rte. 28N less than a mile east of the High Peaks Scenic outlook in Newcomb.
Distance: 4.5 miles one way
Difficulty: Beginner
Description: This trail is a gently rolling dirt road closed to all motorized vehicles except DEC and provides access to Great Camp Santanoni. This trail is an excellent choice for a family outing as the road is very well maintained. There is a superb view of the high peak area at the end of your ride.