Ski & Snowshoe Trails

These references are only meant to be a guide of trails in our area.

There are books you can purchase from Pedals & Petals for more descriptive trail descriptions and maps.  For example, the ADK Guide Books to the Adirondacks (our area is part of the West-Central Region), and Ski and Snowshoe Trails in the Adirondacks are excellent resources for your winter outdoor pursuits.

Remember the trails listed are suggestions and are not trail reports so there may be blowdown and other obstacles you may encounter.

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Ski Trails

Fern Park 
Location: Inlet, South Shore Rd.
Distance: 15mi. (Multiple length loops)
Difficulty: Easy / Intermediate / Expert
Description: The Northeast to Southeast section of Fern Park is groomed, mostly easy to intermediate trails, and there is 1 mi.of lighted trails. The Northwest and southwest section of Fern Park is backcountry skiing and is mostly intermediate to expert skiing.
Inlet Golf Course Trail
Location: Inlet; The start of these trails are off  Rt. 28, 1/2 mile east of downtown. 
Distance: 3 mi.
Difficulty: Easy
Description: These trails are groomed for skate or traditional skiing on gentle rolling hills.
Black Bear Mountain
Location: Inlet on Route 28 3/4 mile south of downtown.
Distance: 6 miles
Difficulty: Intermediate
Description: The trail is 6 miles long and passes around the eastern end of Black Bear Mountain, and returns to Route 28, about 1/2 mile further east. The spur to the summit is for experts only, 1/2 mile long.
Limekiln Lake Routes
Location: Inlet; right on Limekiln Road, the campground is at the end of this road.South Shore Road, the trail starts 1/2 mile sw of Petrie Road or at Fern Park.
Difficulty: Easy / Intermediate / Expert
Description: This route connects the northern end of Third Lake with the road system in the Limekiln Lake Campground, a distance of 7 miles. It uses old logging roads and other trails existing in the area. The route involves gentle grades. The campground is at the end of this road and this portion of the trail is occasionally machine groomed.You can also connect to Fern Park through this extensive system.
Seventh Lake Trail
Location: Inlet, End of Seventh Lake Rd.
Distance: 4.4 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Description: flat to small rolling hills. This trail runs right along Seventh Lake past a couple of lean-to and connects to the Bug Lake Trail. It is flat to small rolling hills.
Moss, Bubb, and Sis Lake Trail
Location: Eagle Bay, 2.1 mi. down Big Moose Rd. 
Distance: 2.6 mi. or 5 mi. 
Difficulty: Easy around Moss Lake, Intermediate / Expert Bubb & Sis Lake 
Description: The trail follows an old bridle path around the lake and offers several excellent vistas. The trail is 2 1/2 miles in length. A spur to the south takes you to Bubb and Sis lakes, a distance of 1 1/2 miles. The trail around Moss Lake is gentle rolling hills. Take the spur trail to Bubb & Sis Lake, mostly intermediate and a nice expert section at the end.
Pigeon Lake Wilderness Area
Cascade Lake Loop
Location: Eagle Bay, 1mi. down Big Moose Road on the right.
Distance: 5 mi.
Difficulty: Intermediate 
Description: The distance to Cascade Lake is about 1 mile. A frozen 40 foot waterfall just off the trail is beautiful.
Queer Lake Loop
Location: Eagle Bay; Big Moose Rd. to West Mt. Trail Head
Distance: Multiple distances and loops
Difficulty: Easy / Intermediate / Expert
Description: There are Multiple loops in this system with varied terrain going by 6 different bodies of water
West Mountain 
Location: Eagle Bay; Big Moose Rd. to West Mt. Trail Head or Raquette Lk. To Upper Pond
Distance: 4.9 mi.
Difficulty: Expert
Description: With its peak at 2902' and a 1140' vertical this is a good climb, this trail should only be done by the experienced skier.
Ferds Bog
Location: Inlet/Eagle Bay via Uncas Rd.
Distance: .25mi
Difficulty: Easy
Description: This is a short trail to a bog that is well known for its Birding
Sucker Brook Bay/Shallow Lake
Location: Inlet/Eagle Bay via Uncas Road
Distance: 8.5 miles.  The loop around Lower Brown Tract Pond adds 2 miles
Difficulty: Easy 
Description: This is an easy trail passing by Upper and Lower Pond and then a final destination to Sucker Brook Bay on Raquette Lake There is a Intermediate / expert spur trail off the main trail that takes you back to Brown Tract Rd. There is also an unimproved road and trail around lower pond. You can also go to Shallow lake, which is 1.4 mi. off the Sucker brook Bay trail.
Cathedral Pines
Location: Inlet; 0.9 mi. south of 8th Lake Campsite 
Distance: 0.1 mi. 
Difficulty: Easy 
Description: This trail goes by a stand of great white pines and a stone pillar commemorating a young Air Force officer 
Sagamore Lake
Location: Raquette Lake; 3.8 mi. down Sagamore Rd.
Distance: 3.7 mi.
Difficulty: Easy / Intermediate
Description: This is a loop that goes around Sagamore Lk. I highly recommend going to Sagamore Lodge if they are open, this is one of the great camps left in the Adirondacks
Sagamore Cascade Trail
Location: Raquette Lake; 2.9 mi.Down Sagamore Rd. on the left
Distance: 3.1 mi. loop
Difficulty: Easy
Description: This trail off Sagamore Rd. takes you down to a cascading fall on South Inlet. In order to connect this loop you must cross this body of water. If the ice is thin this could be dangerous. The trail loops back to Sagamore Rd. past an old dam and powerhouse that used to power Sagamore Lodge.
Woodcraft Camp
Location: Rondaxe Rd. Woodcraft Camp
Distance: 7.5 mi.
McCauley Mt.
Location: Old Forge, McCauley Mt.
Distance: 13.5 mi.
Thendara Golf Course
Location: Thendara
Difficulty: Easy
Haderondah Wilderness
Location: Rt. 28 at O'Kara Lakes opposite the parking area.
Description: The Haderondah Wilderness northwest of Route 28 at Old Forge offers several possibilities for combining cross country skiing with winter camping. The cross country routes utilize existing foot trails and a small portion of a little used snowmobile trail from Big Otter to Pine Lake.
McKeever Truck Trail (N)
Location: Route 28, north of Otter Lake. Turn right before bridge over Moose River
Distance: 6.0 miles
Description: This trail starts at the gate on the truck trail and follows along the South Branch of the Moose River.

Snowshoe Trails

Snowshoe trails are the same as the ski trails plus these.
Black Bear Mt.
Location: Inlet .9 mi. South of downtown Inlet
Difficulty: Intermediate/Expert
Rocky Mt.
Location: Inlet .9 mi. South of downtown Inlet
Distance: .5 mi.
Difficulty: Intermediate/Expert
Bald Mt.
Location: Rondaxe Rd. Old Forge
West Mt.
Location: Uncas Rd. Raquette Lk.